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by Daeyoung Song on 2018-07-16 10:27:16

Data : 2018.7.18 (Wed) 13:00

Locate : EB5. 533

Presenter : Daeyoung Song

Title : 네트워크 성능향상을 위한 시스템 호출 수준 코어 친화도

Author : 엄준용, 조중연, 진현욱

Abstract : Existing operating systems experience scalability issues as the number of cores increases. The network I/O performance on manycore systems is faced with the major limiting factors of cache consistency costs and locking overheads. Legacy methods resolve this issue include the new microkernel-like operating system or modification of existing kernels; however, these solutions are not fully application transparent. In this study, we proposed a library that improves the network performance by separating system call context from user context and by applying the core affinity without any kernel and application modifications. Experiment results showed that our implementation can improve the network throughput of Apache by up to 30%.

Article source:네트워크-성능향상을-위한-시스템-호출-수준-코어-친화도.html