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by Jinyoung Choi on 2019-04-04 22:09:49

Date : 2019. 04. 17 (Wed) 13:30

Locate : EB5. 533

Presenter : Jinyoung Choi


Title : Tracking Depression Dynamics in College Students Using Mobile Phone and Wearable Sensing

Author : Rui Wang, Weichen Wang, Alex Dasilva, Jeremy F. Huckins, William M. Kelley, Todd F. Heatherton, Andrew T. Champbell

(Dartmouth College)


Abstract : There are rising rates of depression on college campuses. Mental health services on our campuses are working at full stretch. In response researchers have proposed using mobile sensing for continuous mental health assessment. Existing work on understanding the relationship between mobile sensing and depression, however, focuses on generic behavioral features that do not map to major depressive disorder symptoms defined in the standard mental disorders diagnostic manual (DSM-5). We propose a new approach to predicting depression using passive sensing data from students’ smartphones and wearables. We propose a set of symptom features that proxy the DSM-5 defined depression symptoms specifically designed for college students. We present results from a study of 83 undergraduate students at Dartmouth College across two 9-week terms during the winter and spring terms in 2016. We identify a number of important new associations between symptom features and student self reported PHQ-8 and PHQ-4 depression scores. The study captures depression dynamics of the students at the beginning and end of term using a pre-post PHQ-8 and week by week changes using a weekly administered PHQ-4. Importantly, we show that symptom features derived from phone and wearable sensors can predict whether or not a student is depressed on a week by week basis with 81.5% recall and 69.1% precision.


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