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by Jinse Kwon on 2016-10-30 22:51:11

Date : 2016. 10. 31 (Mon) 10:00 A.M.

Locate : EB5. 533

Presenter : Jinse Kwon


Title : A Disaster Warning System Using Ultrasound Modulation and Bluetooth Ad-hoc Network

Author : Jinse Kwon, Jemin Lee, Hyungshin Kim


Abstract : A warning system is important to protect people and property from a disaster. Current disaster warning system could easily be collapsed by a disaster because it strongly depends on cell towers for mobile communication. In this paper, we present the ad hoc network to easily and rapidly update the disaster information using the ultrasound modulation and Bluetooth advertising mode in the communication failure state. Our system shows that a smartphone can detect modulation packets up to 720bit/s with bit-error-rate lower than 10-3. In addition, the Bluetooth ad hoc network in an advertising mode reduces the round trip delay between nodes and battery loss by adjusting the advertising period.


Proceeding : Proceedings of Institute of Embedded Engineering of Korea 2016, November, 2016

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