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by Ikhee Shin on 2016-10-31 09:25:06

Date : 2016. 10. 31 (Mon) 10:00 A.M.

Locate : EB5. 533

Presenter : Ikhee Shin


Title : Evaluation of low power features in wearable OS

Author : Ikhee Shin, Sungyup Lee, Hyungshin Kim


Abstract : Wearable devices have limited hardware resources because of its small battery capacity. An embedded operating system is necessary to provide services with limited hardware resources. power management is also required to handle services efficiently with a small battery capacity. We introduce Wearbench, a low power feature benchmark for wearable application, and use Wearbench to measure power consumption of embedded operating systems for nanoQplus, FreeRTOS, and ChibiOS. From the result, we suggest how to improve low power feature of embedded operating systems.


Proceeding : Proceedings of Institute of Embedded Engineering of Korea 2016, November, 2016

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