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by Daeyoung Song on 2018-04-18 16:13:32

Data : 2018.4.25 (Wed) 13:00

Locate : EB5. 533

Presenter : Daeyoung Song

Title : 실시간 태스크 그룹과 데드라인 태스크의 동시 지원을 위한 리눅스 스케줄링 가능성 분석 개선

Author : 임인구, 진현욱, 이상헌

Abstract : Linux is a general-purpose operating system that supports several schedulers, allowing different schedulers to coexist. In addition, Linux uses the Control Group (cgroup) to reserve CPU resources for task groups that follow the real-time (SCHED_FIFO, SCHED_RR) and non-real-time (SCHED_NORMAL) scheduler policies, except for the deadline scheduler (SCHED_DEADLINE). The cgroup performs the schedulability analysis to guarantee the reserved CPU resource as much as possible. However, current implementation of the schedulability analysis does not distinguish between deadline tasks and real-time tasks. Therefore, if these deadline tasks and real-time task groups coexist, there is a case where the resource reservation for the real-time task group is rejected. In this paper, we analyze the problems in the schedulability analysis for real-time task groups of Linux cgroups and propose patches to solve these problems.


Article source: http://eslab.cnu.ac.kr/en/NSL/118-실시간-태스크-그룹과-데드라인-태스크의-동시-지원을-위한-리눅스-스케줄링-가능성-분석-개선.html