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by Sihyeong Park on 2016-10-17 20:30:38

Date: 2016.11.24(Mon) 10:00 A.M.

Locate: EB5. 533

Presenter: Sihyeong Park

Title: dOSEK: The Design and Implementation of a Dependability-Oriented Static Embedded Kernel

Author: Martin Hoffmann, Florian Lukas, Christian Dietrich, Daniel Lohmann

Abstract: Because of shrinking structure sizes and operating voltages, computing hardware exhibits an increasing susceptibility against transient hardware faults: Issues previously only known from avionics systems, such as bit flips caused by cosmic radiation, nowadays also affect automotive and other cost-sensitive “ground-level” control systems. For such cost-sensitive systems, many software-based measures have been suggested to harden applications against transient effects. However, all these measures assume that the underlying operating system works reliably in all cases. We present software-based concepts for constructing an operating system that provides a reliable computing base even on unreliable hardware. Our design is based on two pillars: First, strict fault avoidance by static tailoring and elimination of susceptible indirections. Second, reliable fault detection by finegrained arithmetic encoding of the complete kernel execution path. Compared to an industry-grade off-the-shelf RTOS, our resulting dOSEK kernel thereby achieves a robustness improvement

by four orders of magnitude. Our results are based on extensive fault-injection campaigns that cover the entire space of single-bit faults in random-access memory and registers.

Proceeding: Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS), 2015 IEEE

Date of Conference: 13-16 April 2015
Page(s): 259 - 270

INSPEC Accession Number: 15143693

Conference Location : Seattle, WA
DOI: 10.1109/RTAS.2015.7108449
Publisher: IEEE


Article source: http://eslab.cnu.ac.kr/en/NSL/81-dOSEK-The-Design-and-Implementation-of-a-Dependability-Oriented-Static-Embedded-Kernel.html