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I am a team member of NSL(National Space Lab), responsible for the development of the Virtual machine for the satellite embedded computer system. This project goal is to improve reusability and reduce the development time. My research history is lined with project experience in embedded systems, IMA(Integrated Modular Avionics), Virtualization and Operating system such as embedded Linux, RTEMS, POK, VxWorks 653.

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Korean Full Name: 김덕수

Contact Information

Email: duksoo@cnu.ac.kr
Skype username: kimdugsoo
Member Location: Embedded System Lab. (Engineering Building No.5 - 533)
Office hours: 10:00-22:00
Korean Member Location: 임베디드 시스템 연구실 (공대 5호관533호 )
Web page: http://duksoo.tistory.com/
Workplace: NAVER Corp.