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Date : 2015. 2. 10 (Tue) 01:00 P.M.

Presenter : 변대철

Authors : 구철회*, 문성태, 이훈희, 한상혁, 주광혁, 심은섭

Seminar title : Application of NASA CFS on the Development of Korea Moon Explorer Flight Software

ABSTRACT : Conceptual design and lander demonstrator of Korea Lunar exploration mission has been
developing since 2010 by Korea Aerospace Research Institute. Propulsion and attitude control
system are planed to test at Goheung Aviation Center at 2012. But it is only the beginning of
research when comparing with USA, Europe, Japan and China whose countries have the
advanced space technology and experiences, for example for Moon and space exploration. So
these results from the prior-executed missions shall be referenced to internal researching and
planning for this Moon exploration mission. Especially USA NASA has a lot of cases of space
exploration missions, recently NASA launched LRO/LCROSS to Moon at 2009 and Curiosity to
Mars at 2012. The stable and cost effective software development process has a important
role of the successful mission accomplishment in these missions. In this paper, the result of
analysis and usage of NASA CFS (Core Flight System) on Korea Moon exploration is

Article source: //eslab.cnu.ac.kr/en/NSL/19-Application-of-NASA-CFS-on-the-Development-of-Korea-Moon-Explorer-Flight-Software.html