Next-generation Computer

Hyungshin Kim

Chungnam National University | Computer Engineering Department

Fall Semester, 2014

This year in my next generation computing course, our subject is "Virtual Machine". Since we all use VMWare, we already know what the VM is. In this class, we will study about internal functional components of general virtual machines. Various types of virtualization techniques will be studied during the class. XEN hypersivor will be used for homework and as implementation example. The class will be English. But, if attendants agree and there are no foreign students, we will use Korean as our language. 

Lecture schedule

  • Friday → 15:00~17:30

Professor in charge

Teaching assistant

  • To be announced (TBA)

Main textbook


Teaching resources

  • //

Grading detail

Mid Term exam: 30%
Final Term exam: 30%
Assignment: 10%
Seminar: 20%
Attendance: 10%