Posted on 2018-11-12 09:53:11

Our first international paper from Neuromorphic computing project got accepted at RTSS 2018@Work session.

As all know, RTSS is the world number 1 conference in real time and embedded community.

The paper "Towards real-time object detection on mobile devices" authored by Byeongkyo, Donghee, Jinse with ETRI team got great responses from the reviewers. 

"I very much like the work: the authors have delved into the implementation of the CLBlast library to find the root cause for poor performance on their target system. After identifying what caused unnecessary overhead, they have optimized their setup and managed to reduce the timing from 11 seconds per processed image, to about 2 seconds per image. Having the authors share their experience, and showcasing the end result to the community would be a meaningful addition to the session."

The paper was accepted by 2-to-1 decision. Though it is a short paper, it will be cited by many others.

Congratulations ! Keep it going !