Neuromorphic Computing SW Platform for AI Systems.

In this project, we will study efficient AI information processing neuromorphic computing SW Platform technology research

Associated Lab/Groups

Head of Project

Mailing address

  • Department of Computer Engineering
    Chungnam National University
    220 Gung-dong, Yousung Gu
    Daejon 305-764, Korea


  • Byeongkyo Cheong, Donghee Ha, Jinse Kwon, Hyungshin Kim, "Improving Real-time Object Recognition Performance by Optimizing OpenCL Based Matrix Multiplication in Embedded Systems", Proceedings of Institute of Embedded Engineering of Korea 2018
  • Donghee Ha, Byeongkyo Cheong, Jinse Kwon, Misun Yu, Taeho Kim, Hyungshin Kim, "Accelerating Automatic Colorization of Gray Scale Image using OpenCL on Embedded System", Proceeding of Korea Software Congress 2018
  • Byeongkyo Cheong, Donghee Ha, Jinse Kwon, Hyungshin kim, "Towards real-time object detection on mobile devices (Demo)", IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium(RTSS 2018)
  • Donghee Ha, Jinse Kwon, Hyungshin Kim, "Accelerating Colorizer of Shaded Image for Autonomous Driving in Resource-Constrained SoC (Poster)", The 17th ACM international Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services(Mobisys2019)
  • Sihyeong Park, Jemin Lee, Hyungshin Kim, "Hardware Resource Analysis in Distributed Training with Edge Devices", MDPI Electronics, Vol. 9, No. 28, 2020
  • People

    Hyungsin KimProfessor
    Jinse KwonPh.D Student
    Donghee HaM.S Student
    Byeongkyo Jung (Alumni)M.S Student